International delivery

Our works are sent nationwide through FEDEX

Approximate value:

Shipping to North America $ 30 to $ 35 (5 to 8 business days, no tax charges)

Shipping to Latin America $ 30 (5 to 8 business days)

Shipments to Europe $ 35 to $ 40 (10 - 20 business days)

Shipping to the rest of the world $ 42 (10 - 20 business days)

Payment of any import duties and taxes is the responsibility of the recipient, and these fees are charged at the time of delivery.

Free shipping on orders over $ 400 USD

In colombia:

Our works will arrive between 1 and 7 calendar days.

Shipments to Colombia are made through Fedex or Serv bellyga.

Free shipping nationwide.

* Orders placed between Monday through Thursday are taken the next day.
* Orders made between Friday to Sunday are taken from Monday.
* Orders placed on holiday are taken the next day.